Randy Hein, Pastoral Staff

Randy has been a pastor in Victoria for the past 20 years. After an academic sabbatical used to research the relationship between community, faith and art, he has come together with a grassroots group of leaders to give birth to Hollydene Community Church. Randy is super passionate about community, justice issues, the local arts scene, coffee, and his beloved Canucks. After all these years, the love of Jesus still amazes him. He has incredible fondness for young leaders and desires to see them mentored relationally, developed theologically and engaged socially. Randy also works part-time for Vision Ministries and teaches occasionally at Auxano Bible School. He lives with his wife Marcy and their two adult children Caleb and Sarah.

Kathleen Busch, Pastoral Staff

Dr Kathleen Busch is mom to 2 kids; Sam and Michelle and to two fur babies; Holly and Hazel.

Kathleen grew up and Nanaimo and then left and spent 20 years travelling the world for work, study, and play. In 2005, while in South Korea, she felt God’s encouragement to “be rooted.” She returned to Victoria to pastor a church- got a dog, bought a house and adopted her oldest Sam. In 2019, she moved the family to Edmonton to work at The King’s University. In 2020, Covid provided Kathleen an opportunity to finish her Doctorate through George Fox seminary in Portland. With her graduation in May 2022, once again Kathleen felt called to return to Victoria to continue putting down roots and to pastor.

Kathleen has a heart for the poor, a love of learning, and enjoys a good party! She deeply resonates with Hollydene’s core values of Formation, Hospitality and Missions.

James Prette, Pastoral Staff

With over 30 years of ministry experience, James has a passion to help people understand the good news of the Christian Faith. Having ministered primarily with youth, he has worked hard to learn how to communicate the eternal truth of the Gospel in the continually changing context and language of contemporary culture. James spent decades on staff with Young Life of Canada, serving in Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria. From 2004-2015 he served as the national director of Spiritual Foundations and the Director of Staff Education and Training for Young Life of Canada. James has taught courses through Regent College, Fuller Seminary, Victoria Christian Community College and Auxano. His favourite thing is to dialogue with real people about real issues of life and faith. James lives with his wife (Liz) and three young adult children.

Liz Scott, Lay Pastor

Liz is a wife to Kevin and a mom to Emmett, Wesley, and Lewis. She can be found either at the back of church with her children or at the front of church telling her children to get off the stage.

Liz has a Master of Counselling through the University of Lethbridge, a Master of Theological Studies from McMaster University, and an undergraduate arts degree and a teaching degree from the University of Victoria. She is a clinical counsellor at Arbour Counselling. She is currently working on not yelling at her family so much, organizing the dishwasher the way her husband likes it and getting out of bed on time in the morning.

Liz has served Hollydene in numerous capacities and is currently a lay minister within the community. She loves to preach, and not just because of the attention. Liz has been saved by grace, and has only gotten what that means in the last couple of years. She likes telling others about that too, because it changed her life.

Liz's spiritual practices include sleeping, being quiet, looking at the water, laughing with her family, and saying, "Help me" and "Thank you” to God. She feels in her bones that God really loves her, and that helps her not take herself too seriously.

Liz loves Hollydene, and feels privileged to be a part of such a wonderful community.

Cheryl Webb, Chair, Vision Team

Cheryl Webb is Hollydene’s Vision Team Chair. She grew up on the Mainland, accidentally spent 24 delightful years in Ontario, and in 2022 came back to be near family, the ocean, and the mountains. She grew up in a household of faith, met Jesus when she was 5, and has been meeting him in new ways again every since.

Cheryl’s work life has mostly been in educational administration and fundraising – but what she really loves is meaningful face-to-face conversation, organizational development, and coffee. She is a spouse to Owen, a mom to two university students, the preferred treat-supplier of Peter the Grey cat, and someone who is still learning what it means to love Jesus and be a person in community in God’s beautiful world.

Peter Gerber, Secretary, Vision Team

Peter was born in Holland, and when he was seven, his family immigrated to Canada. Into this new life, they carried with them many Dutch traditions, including a faithful participation in the Christian Reformed church community.

He and his wife, Kathe, lived in the East Kootenays for sixteen years, where they started a family. They have been blessed with two children, their spouses, and three grandsons. Peter is a retired teacher, a recreational sailor, and cyclist.

It could be said he was raised in the church (Calvinist), but his faith didn’t mature there; that’s a work in progress. He and Kathe have been part of a number of different faith communities. It was Peter’s volunteer work with S.A.L.T.S. and Young Life that had a lot to do with what drew him to Hollydene. He finds the leadership’s willingness to embrace inclusion and outreach to be encouraging and long overdue. The depth and wisdom he sees in the young people of HCC make him optimistic about the future.

He seeks to live out of his true self and strives to be more in the present where we can open ourselves to others and discover that God is in everything and everyone, waiting for us to both recognize and respond to Him.

Jeff Stewart, Treasurer, Vision Team

Jeff has played many roles in his communities over the years. He has been and continues to be involved in mentoring, teaching, vision planning, and financial stewardship with Young Life on the Saanich Peninsula since 2001, apart from a 4-year gap to attend university in Ontario from 2007-2010. While he was in Ontario, Jeff was also on staff with Young Life, starting a club at a high school in Oakville. He has many passions, including sports, board games, and building community and lasting friendships wherever he goes. His past and current work in accounting and bookkeeping give him the knowledge and ability to serve Hollydene as treasurer.

Dave Hosie, Vision Team

David grew up in Victoria and earned his degree at Columbia Bible College. After returning from college in 2016, he started attending Hollydene. David is passionate about experiencing God's creation in community and journeying alongside others in their discipleship walk. He loves all things water, and you can expect to find him surfing or spearfishing when the conditions are right. He has been involved in various outdoor ministries in the area, including S.A.L.T.S, Beyond Malibu and Wildside (Imadene). He currently works for International Justice Mission, where he seeks to play a part in combating modern-day slavery and ending violence against people in poverty. Before joining IJM, he led Outtatown Discipleship School in Guatemala.

Cayla Coleman, Team Leader, Core

Cayla has lived on the lands of the Coast Salish peoples her whole life, growing up and attending university in the Lower Mainland, and moving to the Island in 2014 to work for SALTS (Sail and Life Training Society). She worked there for four years before returning to the job she had actually trained for – nursing – and making Victoria home. It was at this time that she started attending Hollydene, and she has grown to appreciate being part of a community of Christ-followers who challenge her thinking, don’t profess to have all the answers (but continue to ask all the questions), and who share her values of hospitality, formation, and mission. Her work as a nurse has given her opportunities to work in many areas, including postoperative care, detox, community-based primary care, and addiction services, pandemic outreach, international health teaching/promotion, and now the emergency department. Through these experiences, she has been thankful to gain a better understanding of her own privilege and has developed an interest in social determinants of health and health equity. She is excited to see where this interest takes her. She also enjoys sailing, rock climbing, tea dates with good conversation, board games, gardening, and kiteboarding with her husband, Ian.

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We meet on Sunday mornings at St. Dunstan’s, 1806 San Juan Ave.

Service at 11:00 am

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